Speak It Yourself

NEW in Israel!


The latest technology for CONVERSATIONAL language practice

Students visit New York City and

SPEAK English with real new-yorkers!

The students gravitate to technology so their motivation will run high!

— Foreign Language Teacher, Canada
I liked the conversational aspect in real life situations a lot. It also allows students to experience different places.

— Foreign Language Teacher, NYC
I liked the freedom to choose which words to review, to see the objects the words referred to, to see how the words are spelled, and to hear them before having to say them.
— Foreign Language Teacher, Florida

Interactive and fun

The medium is the message. 

No more asking them to do their homework and practice.

They will beg you for more homework. 

Let students PLAY and LEARN.

compatible with regular desktops

Your school does not have VR devices? 

No problem! Speak It Yourself can be used with any desktop or tablet.

All you need is to get them into the computer lab with headphones on.

Follows the Israeli English curriculum 

The program is based on the principles and standards for learning English as an International language curriculum by the ministry of Education.

Click here to see the curriculum description